We try our very best to make sure your interaction with SouthwestRe is positive.  We'd love to hear what you think about us.  Let us know by sending a few words about one of your favorite staff members or about a recent experience you've had.


Thanks Randy, always great customer service from all of you.

~Karen S., Findlay Honda Henderson

Our F&I Department has been very pleased with SouthwestRe's variety of products. We're able to offer our customers exactly what they need.
~Bill S., Auto Dealer


If we had an award for the best Admin company we did business with in 2015, my vote would be for you and the whole SWRe team! From Claims, Accounting, Customer Support, IT and Jim Smith, you guys ROCK! Cheers to you and the whole SWRe team!!

~ SouthwestRe Agent

Dorothy & Phyllis, 

I just wanted to use this as an example of how awesome you gals are and to say how much I appreciate it.  It takes me longer to just remember my login and password than it took to not only send me copies but to take a second call and fix everything!  I know there’s way more stuff you have done that’s above and beyond the call of duty!!!

Anyway, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

~ Jason K. Larson, JK Larson & Associates

SouthwestRe has done a GREAT job of growing and moving forward. We appreciate ALL the relationships and support from EVERYONE at SouthwestRe.

~ Ed Cave, Insured Services of Nevada

It doesn't get any better when working with Carmen Torres, VP of Sales & Marketing, regarding specialty programs and reinsurance for the client. Carmen has gotten more involved helping our firm than any other provider I've done business with in over 30 years.

~Steve Winans, Paul Vincent Insurance Services

SouthwestRe gives me very professional services in a timely manner. They have cutting-edge products, and their competitive pricing allows a small agency like mine to compete with anybody.

~Scott Lewis, Dealer Services, Inc.

SouthwestRe has consistently been responsive, professional and competent in the formation and management of Reinsurance companies for producers. They have the experience and versatility to provide a variety of solutions that are adapted to each unique circumstance.

~Patrick K. Donahue, President & CEO at David Gavin & Associates LLC, Chicago, Illinois

About 3 months ago I had a catastrophic engine failure on my 2012 Hyundai Sonata. I received word within 48 hours that SouthwestRe was in fact going to replace the entire engine for only my deductible cost of $100. This amazing customer service is unheard of in today's market. I am thrilled and overjoyed by the customer service provided by SouthwestRe!! My car now runs fabulous thanks to them!

~Andy W., Vehicle Service Contract Holder


Thomas H. did a very good job and he was very thorough. He answered a majority of my questions before I even had to ask them. I feel like I completely understand my contract, even more than I did when I purchased the vehicle.

~Brittany G., Vehicle Service Contract Holder


Dear Jimmie (Claims Processing Center),

I would like to take this time to really thank Jimmie from the Claims Center. He processed the repairs on my 2007 Chevy Uplander with Motor City Auto Repair shop in Southgate, MI, an A-rated BBB business and a AAA certified tow/repair shop. They had my car towed in on August 22, 2016. I appreciate Jimmie’s professionalism and direct help in processing my repair claim. It didn’t even take the shop six hours to repair my car, which needed an air compressor. I also appreciate the fact that I didn’t have to wait nor pay (other than my deductible) which was nothing compared to the total bill!!!  WHEW!!! I also appreciate the fact that the Claims Processing Center also took time to explain to me when I submitted a reimbursement for a wheel bearing in July 2016, that I can’t use my car for transporting my clients around. I have since changed positions where I’m able to transport clients in a company van.


~Sherie W., Vehicle Service Contract Holder

Rob [Claims Adjudicator], you went far and above in giving me information.  The information helped me make a decision to purchase another contract since mine is about to expire.  I just had to call in to tell you thank you!

~Cynthia, Vehicle Service Contract Holder


Nicole [Policy Services Administrator], thank you for everything.  You are always so nice and helpful to me!

~J. Herron, Life Policy Holder


Nikki [Policy Services Administrator], thank you very much for taking care of our request for changes to Martha's policy so quickly!! Wow I wish all company reps were as competent as you!!

~Nannette S., Life Policy Holder's Power of Attorney


Mary [Claims Examiner at SouthwestRe], Thank you so much for the follow up.  I appreciate your customer service.  This has been a tedious process and you have been a bright spot in it.  You never know how far your kindness can go. ~Tynisha B., Service Contract Holder

You are amazing, Nancy [Quality Control Specialist]! Thanks again for all of your help.

~Rob J., Service Contract Holder

A customer was transferred to me to let me know what a great job Dwayne did in handling her concerns.  Dwayne is one of our Claims Adjudicators and he went above and beyond with this customer.  She was very upset before the call, and he calmed her down by answering all of her questions.  His friendly demeanor and knowledgeable answers gave her confidence that her claim was in good hands.  Great job, Dwayne!

~Fred Flores, Claims Supervisor on behalf of V.S., Service Contract Holder

Yours is the best and most professional customer service department I have ever worked with. You made me feel like you care for me as an individual. It doesn't feel like I'm working with a big company; it feels like I'm working with a neighbor.

~Ernesto, GAP Contract Holder

I just completed a 10 year contract with First Automotive.  I just wanted to say that it was a terrific experience, well worth the investment; moreover, your claims office always carried out their end of the bargain with great courtesy and dispatch.  Both Neillo VW and Kombi Hause, my authorized service centers, always mention that it was a hassle-free experience dealing with your claims department.

~Patrick M., First Automotive Contract Holder

Mary [Claims Examiner at SouthwestRe], I would like to thank you so much for your assistance in handling this claim.  You have been a great representative for your company.  I really do appreciate your constant updates and professionalism.

~Jesse B., GAP Contract Holder

Thank you for making this easy for me.  I didn't expect service like this!

~Joseph H., Contract Holder

I just want to tell the employees of SouthwestRe thank you so much for what you have done for me and my husband.  During the period you had our claim you were so understanding and helpful, we just don't know how to thank you, except to tell you God Bless you all and thank you so much for everything you have done.  I would have never thought an insurance company or adjuster could be so kind and understanding.  Again, thank you, it has been a pleasure to have worked with you all.

~Glenna R., Contract Holder

This experience has been a nice surprise.  I wasn't expecting service on this level.

~Jerry B., Contract Holder

SouthwestRe was by far the most competitive when I was looking at F&I reinsurance providers. They consistently outperformed my expectations on servicing my clients and providing profitability to my reinsurance position. Thanks to Jim Smith, Gabe Galaviz and everyone at SouthwestRe.

~Cub Shaver, Auto and Insurance, Naples, Florida
I have to say that SouthwestRe is by far one of the best Vehicle Service Contract providers that I have had the pleasure of doing business with. We have worked with several different companies over the years, and no other handles claims the way SouthwestRe does. Their professionalism and expeditious service is unprecedented. We had a busy holiday weekend coming up, and Jason (Claims Supervisor) was able to get a customer back into her vehicle ASAP. Thank you Jason and everyone at SouthwestRe! I wholeheartedly appreciate the work you do, and so do our customers!

~Andy H., The Best Deal Auto

Randy (Claims Support Supervisor), it was a pleasure speaking with you today and so grateful for your time, professionalism and for me more important your understanding "how small businesses" work. Most corporations don't understand how their role impacts down the line. Our shop prides itself on being honest, respectful and accountable to our customers. Delays at every level impact us and our customers, and your actions to go above and beyond is positively a great impact. Thank you, thank you for all your help, your cooperation and your understanding. Your professionalism, knowledge of your role and seeking solutions versus quoting policy is so refreshing in this time of no one caring. Please inform your manager that I recommend their company because of your customer treatment, and going above and beyond in this matter to make us better with our own customers.  

~Sandy R., and Charles C., Pro-Trek Automotives

Tim W. (Claims Adjudicator), we have been in business for over 40 years and I've never heard of someone as nice as you! 

~Rose M., Bosquet's Service Center, Connecticut

I want to thank you again for your assistance yesterday. I have expressed to the GM your kindness and accuracy. I look forward to an awesome business relationship!

~Victoria, Reliable Chevrolet, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Randy (Claims Support Supervisor), you are amazing! Thank you! You have been such a help!

~Corinne, Keith Hawthorne Ford of Belmont, Belmont, North Carolina

Buster (Claims Manager), I sure appreciate your promptness.  You, Steve and Eddie have been really good to work with.  I've had some dealings with some other companies that were a lot tougher for me and for the consumer. Y'all have been a pleasure.  I hope I can work more with you in the future.  

~Craig, Johnson's Automatic Transmission Service, Lugoff, South Carolina

SouthwestRe, we appreciate doing business with you.  Thanks! 

~Cherry Hill Transmissions, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

The guys in our Claims Department work hard every day to serve our customers. Most of them are ASE-certified technicians, with full automobile knowledge. They're not just somebody off the street trying to read a contract or a script. We get on average over 1400 calls a day, and they handle every call with courtesy and professionalism. I'm proud to work with each and every one of them.

~Buster, Claims Manager, 13 Years of Service

In my nearly eight years at SouthwestRe I’ve met some of the most hard-working people who are dedicated to the success of our company.  It is rewarding and humbling to work with such wonderful people and I’m proud to be a part of the SouthwestRe family.

~Vanessa, Sales & Marketing Coordinator, 8 Years of Service