Below are the most common requests we get from reinsurance company owners. Please click on the subject you are interested in, complete and submit the form, and we will contact you shortly with the information you need.


A: The owner of the reinsurance company gets a copy of the trust statement each month. If you need additional assistance, please call 866-414-3867.
A: It is funded by the 25th of the month.  If the 25th falls on a weekend or a holiday, your account will be funded by the following business day.
A:  If your reinsurance company has had a Director, Shareholder or Officer change, please call 866-414-3867. Changes of this type require new documents that will be provided by Client Services.
A: You will receive them by January 31st.
A: They are sent to the IRS by the end of February.
A: It is best to contact us and resolve any discrepancies before the end of February. We will simply send you a corrected Form 1099, because the form has not been sent to the IRS yet. If you contact us at a later date, we will file a corrected Form 1099. To contact us, please call 866-414-3867.
A: You will receive your tax return some time between May and August 31st.
A: No. It is common practice to request an extension until September 15th, and we file this extension for you.
A: Your tax return must be signed and in the mail to the IRS by September 15th. We provide a pre-stamped envelope along with your tax return for your convenience.
A: We only require that you return to us a copy of the signed first page of your tax return, as noted in the letter you received from us with your tax return.  If you have a scanned copy, upload it here:
Upload Tax Return
1st page only with signature(s).

A: Please call 866-414-3867.