SouthwestRe is one of our industry’s leading experts in building and managing highly profitable reinsurance companies, and a national Third Party Administrator for automotive dealers, lenders, real estate brokers and other industry professionals. Through independent agents, SouthwestRe offers an exclusive line of F&I products to franchise and independent dealers throughout the country, who in turn offer them to their customers. We then administer the contracts.

More reinsurance expertise. Many other companies large and small operate in similar ways to SouthwestRe, so what makes us stand out from the rest? Clearly, the answer is our reinsurance expertise. No other company knows reinsurance better than SouthwestRe.  The reinsurance companies we form and manage for our clients are easily among the most highly profitable in our industry.

More of your own money, back in your own pocket. You may realize more profit from a reinsurance company built by SouthwestRe than from a similar one built by our competitors. How? Because we return to you a higher share of the profits than practically anyone else. If you already have a reinsurance program through another company, or don’t have one at all, money could be slipping through your fingers right now and you may not even know it. Let us help make your company more profitable, and help you secure your financial future.

More variety of F&I products, and powerful online reporting. Yes, we offer automotive vehicle service contracts, but we don’t stop there. SouthwestRe provides an all-inclusive F&I solution that also features service contracts for powersport vehicles of all kinds, coverage for RVs of all types, a suite of aftermarket programs, and much more. We even administer home warranties. If you’re looking for a wide variety of competitive F&I products for your business, look no further. SouthwestRe is the answer. For a thorough look at our F&I products, please click on "Products" at the top of this page. 

You'll also have access to OLÉ, our incredibly powerful Web-based suite of online assistant tools. OLÉ is one of the best online reporting systems available, and includes many versatile tools for your use, including e-rating, e-printing, e-submitting, e-reporting and e-claims. In addition, OLÉ is integrated with many F&I Menu Systems, including Dealertrack, OptionSoft, VisionMenu, MenuVantage, Provider Exchange Network (PEN), and F&I Express.

To learn more about reinsurance and what SouthwestRe can do to help you and your business, please review our site, and then contact us today.