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How would you like your F&I department to make significantly more profit for your dealership, without doing anything more than what’s currently being done now?
It’s easy, with a reinsurance company from SouthwestRe.

How many vendors come through your dealership each year, looking to sell their vehicle service contracts? Perhaps one a week? You may not have considered it, but if there are that many vendors trying to offer you their programs, there must be a lot of profitability attached. In fact, there is, because there’s an insuring profit that your vendors are making on every vehicle service contract, aftermarket product, GAP program, etc., they sell you.

If you’re a car dealer, having your own reinsurance company gives you the ability to make additional profit from F&I sales. If you currently don’t have a reinsurance company, you’re losing money with every sale your F&I department makes. That’s money that could, and should, be in your pocket.

How significant a profit are we talking about? Consider this possible scenario:
  • Your dealership sells 300 vehicles per month
  • Your F&I department sells one vehicle service contract for every three vehicles sold
  • By having your own reinsurance company, you could be looking at additional annual profits from those service contract sales in excess of $200,000 per year
  • That’s significant money you’re currently throwing away, year after year, unless you own a reinsurance company built by SouthwestRe
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Important note: The information given above is simply a possible scenario, and may not represent the results your business can achieve.