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How do we deliver more profit?
By putting more money in your pocket with your own reinsurance program, and by offering a variety of F&I product options...


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How do we deliver more service?
By helping you reach your goals with more support, more competitive advantages, and more resources for your customers...

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How do we deliver more solutions?
By offering more coverage options for more types of vehicles, assistance if problems arise, and experts to help with your claim...

Welcome to SouthwestRe

A Subsidiary of iA Financial Group

SouthwestRe: Dealers' Choice Awards Winner
Now a proud subsidiary of iA Financial Group, SouthwestRe is a service-driven company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with offices in Dallas, Texas. Founded in 1985, SouthwestRe is one of the nation’s leading Third Party Administrators and providers of reinsurance programs. We are perhaps best known to the general public for service contracts sold under the names First Automotive, PowerRev, ProTrek, and TruckGuard. 

Through independent agents and other distribution channels, SouthwestRe offers a complete line of Finance & Insurance (F&I) products to franchise and independent automobile dealers throughout the country, who in turn offer them to their customers. Our complete administrative solution includes product development, compliance, underwriting, marketing, policy administration, claims adjudication, licensing, insurance and more.

For more information about reinsurance or the many services and programs SouthwestRe offers, please review our site and contact us today. Thank you for visiting!

  • Southwest Reinsure, Inc. Has Been Acquired by iA Financial Group

    Jan 24, 2018
    Southwest Reinsure, Inc. (SouthwestRe) announced today that its acquisition by iA Financial Group (iA) of Canada has been completed. When announced in September of last year, the acquisition was subject to regulatory approval. All approvals have been received, and SouthwestRe is now a fully owned subsidiary of iA.
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Get to Know Jeff

Product Development Manager


If you have ever taken a look at one of our vehicle service contracts, you know how incredibly detailed they can be. As a legal document, there is absolutely no room for error, and every word must have a purpose. Before a single contract is made available to the public, Product Development Manager Jeffrey Pettineo and his highly skilled team have brainstormed, researched, edited, and edited again to make absolutely sure that the contract is 100% accurate, and compliant with all state and federal laws. Visit our Get to Know Us page to learn more about Jeff!